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"I have been a patient of Dr. Elmore for over a year. I can say she is very passionate about her job. Take it from me I told myself I would never go to a chiropractor. Well Dr. Elmore has done wonders for me I would highly recommend Dr. Elmore to anyone that needs a chiropractor."

Justin F.
Kasson, MN

"Dr. Elmore, I would like to take a minute to Thank You for how much you have helped me with my back and hip issues. The dramatic decrease in pain and increase in my mobility has converted me to a  believer in chiropractic care. I am no longer taking the prescribed 8 pills a day just to manage the pain, let alone improve my overall health.

I am looking forward to a more active and enjoyable summer, thanks to your chiropractic services. I hope other people have the success that I have experienced."

Randy J.
Dodge Center, MN

"Last fall I started treatment at the Elmore Family Chiropractic clinic on a regular basis, at first 2-3 weeks apart and now on a regular montly basis.  I experience less back and neck pain, hardly any leg cramps and better posture due to the gentle caring treatment given by Dr. Elmore."

Lorraine S. 

"I was referred by a friend to see Dr. Katie. I was experiencing constant pain in my upper back. After a couple of treatments Dr. Katie had my back feeling much better. I can honestly say I am 95% pain free this morning and even slept all night with out the back pain keeping me awake. 

I would highly recommend Dr. Katie, she was gentle but got the job done for me. I have never been to a chiropractor before and would not hesitate to come back to Elmore Family Clinic. Thank you Dr. Katie for helping me feel better."

Pat H.

"I had a super bad headache on Nov. 2, 2012 that lasted 3 days, and I had never had one that bad before. After I had this bad headache, I kept getting like spasms of pain starting in the neck and going up into the back of my head. I went to a Precision Chiropractor in Rochester for over a month, and I was still having those spasms in the back of my head. A friend and my daughter both went to Dr. Katie and got some help, so I decided to have her treat me instead of going to Rochester. After 2 to 3 treatments, those spasms went away. I went about twice a week for awhile and now it is about once a month. She also gave me neck exercises to do to keep my neck loosened up. I am doing much better."

Lois M.

"I was a bit skeptical about chiropractic care but I had tried numerous things such as buying a sleep number bed, stretching, and pain relieves. Nothing helped; this affected my life and every day in a huge way. I was convinced that I was going to have back surgery but luckily I was referred to Dr. Katie by a friend. She was confident that she could help me and save me from going under the knife. I was suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve. My life has changed for the better since starting my care with Dr. Katie. To be able to do everyday things such as sleep without pain and being able to plan a vacation without worrying about whether or not I would be able to walk without complete discomfort is amazing. I recommend Dr. Katie every chance I get to family and friends. My only regret is the time I wasted not going to see her as soon as the pain started. I am truly grateful for Dr. Katie's help."

Diana C.

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from coming into Elmore Family Chiropractic?

Scared of treatment techniques used by other(older) chiropractors.

What did you find as a result of starting care at Elmore Family Chiropractic?

Relieved shoulder pain using pain free technique.

What specific feature did you like most about your experience here?

Researched prior records, careful, complete initial exam and conference.

What would be three other benefits about your care/experience here?

1) Explains what needs to be done, also invites questions.

2) Carries out a plan/therapy decided between doctor and patient. Continually evaluates progress.

3) Decrease in pain.

Would you recommend this clinic? If so, why?

Yes, yes!! Comfortable, compassionate, caring - relaxing atmosphere.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Keep up the great work, Dr. Elmore.

Gloria B.

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from coming into Elmore Family Chiropractic?

If Dr. Katie was bothered by all of my kids tagging along I probably wouldn't have come so often. I like that there are very few things in the office for the kids to get into and Dr. Katie seems very at ease having the noise and activity around her as she is trying to work.

What did you find as a result of starting care at Elmore Family Chiropractic?

I feel so much better now that I can get regular adjustments. I can definitely tell a difference in my pain and mobility/flexibility. I am also very grateful to have found a good meal replacement shake that stabilizes my blood sugar. I haven't felt this balanced in 8 years.

What specific feature did you like most about your experience here?

I have a lot of questions about general health and the way the body works. I love that Dr. Katie doesn't mind explaining those things while she doing the adjustment. She also spends time outside of our appointment doing research for me.

What would be three other benefits about your care/experience here?

I have been introduced to the Metagenic supplements. Having someone right in town allows me enough flexibility to come on a regular basis. Having a supplement that supports my blood sugar has allowed me to make healthier choices during the day. I have also been able to stop eating before bed.

Would you recommend this clinic? If so, why?

ABSOLUTELY! Dr. Katie is warm, friendly and knowledgeable. She is open to questions regarding not just chiropractic health but overall health as well. I genuinely feel like she is on my side when it comes to my lifestyle and health choices. She is not pushy and does not have an agenda.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Sheila is great! So glad to see her face when we walk through the door!

Krin K.

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